Happy Birthday Wishes Messages and Quotes For Sister

Is your sister’s birthday coming? and you Don’t know how to put your emotions in words? It usually happens, and in those cases it is advisable to look for a little help. Therefore, in this article you will find many beautiful birthday wishes For sister that you can use to congratulate her.

We will also give you the best birthday messages and quotes for sister and from all over the Internet. You will surely love it!

We will start this article with a list of birthday wishes for sister who will undoubtedly love it. You can choose any of the following birthday wishes for a sister to congratulate her. With that been said here are the best

Happy Birthday Wishes for sister

Happy birthday sister

Sister, you’re like eating a box of chocolates: sweet,  generous and surprising. Happy birthday sister!

You are a great fighter, your strength inspires my life every day. Thank you for existing, happy birthday sister.

I hope to be a unique and a special friend of yours. Happy birthday sister!

I want to thank you for being the most loving and caring sister in this world. Nobody understands me better than you. I wish you a happy birthday.

Our parents made us sisters, we became friends. Thank you for existing: happy birthday!

If I’m given the opportunity to pick my sister, then I will choose you always as my sister because I love you more than anyone. Happy Birthday.

It’s a real blessing to have such a fun, intelligent and caring sister like you. Spend a happy and memorable day, full of everything you love most! Happy Birthday Sister!

If I could have the chance to choose my sister, I would always choose you. Happy Birthday Sister!

Happy birthday sister: you are the real gift for me and for all our family.

Thank you sister for being my joy, my strength, my everything. Happy Birthday!

I hope your day is as fabulous and extraordinary as you are. Happy Birthday to you!

Happy birthday dear sister. Have an especially beautiful day with full of happy surprises

I’m so grateful to have you as a sister. Thank you for everything you have done for me. Happy birthday sis

A sister is one of the few people who know everything about you and still love you unconditionally. Happy Birthday sis

Thanks for all the things you do for me and our family. You are the sweetest and kindest sister of all time

Why do you worry about being older, when you’re like wine getting better and better with age? Happy birthday

All the important things I learned in life, was because I had a sister as nice as you, tqm sister

Today I want to tell you that I thank God for allowing me to have a sister like you; because you always have your arms open in case I need one of those hugs that only you can give; because I know you’re always willing to listen to me, understand me and advise me. Nobody like you knows me, you have seen me in glory and you have seen me on the ground and you have always given me a hand either to get me up or to give me a hug. Have a awesome Birthday!

A sister is a small piece of childhood that can never be lost. Thank you for being there for me through these years

Seeing the courage with which you faced the difficulties always inspire me to overcome my fears, happy birthday sister

My heart is full of happiness because today is the birthday of my dearest sister, I wish you the best on this special day. Congratulations!

All the wealth of the world is not enough to compensate the love of a sister. So I do not want to miss the opportunity to wish you a happy and blessed birthday

You made my childhood, special, sweet and unforgettable. May your love and affection for me never fade, because I promise to love you and take care of you for a lifetime. TQM sister and thank you for always protecting me

Happy birthday sister

Your birthday is more special to me than you, because on this day, I got the most precious gift of my life. Happy Birthday.

Despite all the arguments and all our differences you already know that you are one of the most beloved people in my life. Happy Birthday

How proud I feel to have you with me in the good times and in the bad times i am blessed to have a sister like you. Congratulations on your birthday, I wish for the best

I thank God for allowing me to have a sister as good as you, Congratulations on your birthday sister

With sisters we have special freedoms, the freedom to share our deepest thoughts, the freedom to ask and make favors, the freedom to show our emotions and to be just as we are. For that My sweet sister, I wish you a happy birthday

Sister You don’t know how happy I am, because today you add another year to your life and I’m here with you. May the Lord bless you and pour abundance, prosperity and health on you so that our hearts may continue to rejoice. Happy birthday sister!

Among all the people in the world, God has chosen you as my sister, my friend and my companion. Today is your birthday, I want to thank God for putting you in my way and wish you the greatest joy, because you deserve it. Happy birthday sister

Every day we have the opportunity to tell those we love, how much they mean to us and yet we do not always do it. Today, is your birthday day, I want to take this opportunity to express to you how much I appreciate you, and I will do it with the biggest and warmest hug anyone could give you. Happy Birthday Sister!

A brother is the greatest gift that God can give us, and he has awarded me the double, by placing a special sister like you beside me. I want you to know that I appreciate your presence in my life every day, but especially today because it’s … your birthday!

My sister, I can don’t have the words to express the love I have for you, I can only tell you that I wish the best for you and that I hope this day is full of smiles, hugs and beautiful memories. Because you deserve it Have a great birthday

I remember with joy every moment i lived by your side: the laughter, the tears, the many ice creams that we enjoyed … Everything has been simply incredible, and I can only ask God to bless us with the opportunity to continue adding more moments like that. Happy Birthday Sister!

Sister, did you know that I love you so much? I know that I do not always show it, but I want you to know that in my heart there is a special place for you. Today, that is your birthday, I want to give you all the love I can, so that you never doubt the immense love I feel for you. Congratulations on your day!

Sister, today is your birthday and I can not find enough words to express how important you are to me and how much I desire your happiness. Therefore, I will give you a big hug and I will be by your side to make this day an unforgettable day. Let us enjoy your special moment together, because you deserve an exceptional party!

For the best sister life could give me: Happy birthday! Let today be a magical day and we can enjoy all together, as a family, surrounded by smiles and great joy. The best for you today and always.

I want to wish the best birthday to a very special person for me: my older sister. You are my example to follow and I only wish the best for you. May all your dreams be fulfilled and may life give you much more time by my side. Congratulations on your day!

If God gave me the opportunity to choose a sister, I would choose you again, because you have loved me without asking anything in return, and that, dear sister, is more than I could ask for. Today in your day, I give you my heart and I wish you a happy birthday with all my love.

For a loving and exemplary sister: today is your birthday and i want you to have a great time together. May all your dreams come true and may the light always shine for you. Congratulations!

Happy birthday sister

Today I thank God for having put you in my way, because a sister like you does not have any. Happy birthday your younger brother wishes you.

Because I have not only found a sister in you, I have also found a mother and a friend. May God give you great health so that you may continue to accompany me on the beautiful path that life is. Congratulations on your day and may all the joy come to your door!

Sister, thank you for being in my hardest days and in my happiest moments, for being my support and motivation every second of my life. Today I celebrate your presence and I thank the creator because he has given me the best sister in the world. May all the love you have given me multiply in life and health, and may all your dreams come true. Happy Birthday!

Every day is special if we are together and today, which is your birthday, will not be the exception. Happy birthday big sister !

I know that mom left us when I was very young and that you, dear sister, assumed her role without asking me anything in return. For that reason, today I want to show you all my love and my gratitude, with the biggest hug, a “I love you” and my best birthday wishes. Congratulations, big sister!

I am privileged to have you with me and today more than ever, I want to let you know. That life rewards me with the gift of continuing to see you grow and become that exemplary woman that you already are and I know you will be. Happy birthday, sister of the soul!

Congratulations, dear sister, that you spend an incredible evening, in the company of your loved ones, and that God gives you a lot of health, love and prosperity, so that each day of your life is as great as you. Enjoy your moment, happy birthday!

Because you have loved me since the day I arrived in your life, today on your birthday, I accompany you with all the joy and emotion. May life give me more time by your side and allow me to give you as much love as you have given me. Happy Birthday Sister!

You are the best sister that I have ever had. Even in my imagination.
Happy Birthday.

Dear sister, I know how much you wanted to have me with you for your birthday, but the circumstances of life have not allowed it that way. However, I am with you from my mind and my heart, and I wish you the best of the best, with all my heart. Congratulations!

Every single important thing I’ve learned in life, I learned from you, sister. Happy birthday.

If I’m given the opportunity to pick my sister, then I will choose you always as my sister because I love you more than anyone. Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday Messages For Sister!

A sister serves to keep secrets and promises that will never be broken.

Years pass and things change, but I want you to never change. happy Birthday Sister!

The sisters are different flowers of the same garden.

Sister. Do you know the meaning of the word “sister”? Yes, I know. sister is the person who sits next to you and guides you, wipes your tears and comforts you. She is the one who takes care of you, even more than what your parents can do. Happy birthday!

A sister is the one who sometimes makes you angry, but immediately gives you the biggest laugh.

Our roots say we are sisters, our hearts say we are best friends. Best wishes for your birthday, my little sister!

If I could pull down the rainbow, I would write over your name and then put it back in the sky, so everyone would know how colorful my life can be thanks to a sister like you. Happy birthday, sister !

Today I want to thank you for everything you do for me. You have taught me how important it is to loved without expecting anything in return. You are a great example for me and I am very proud to be your younger sister, Congratulations !!

You have taught me many valuable lessons in my life. It is really a great blessing to have an older sister who is always by my side to give me her unconditional support. I love you sister and I wish you the best on your birthday

Your birthday is a day that allows me to understand why I love you so much and how important you are to me. You have earned my respect and affection and I could no longer imagine my life without you. Thank you for being born as my older sister. Happy birthday to you! I wish you to be blessed with all the happiness of the world

You know my dreams, you know what places I would like to visit and why; You have seen me in my best and in my worst moments and you have always accepted me as I am. You’ve been my best friend, always willing to give me a hand no matter what time or place, maybe that’s why, every time we talk, I feel that again, we returned to our home. Happy Day, dear sister!

You are like the mother I never had, the sister that everyone loves and the friend we all deserve. I do not know anyone better than you, little sister. Have a Very Happy Day!

I am very happy to have grown up with you by my side, to share tears and laughter. You made my sorrows easier to overcome and made my joys even grander. I wish you have a beautiful birthday party and that next year you always remember it with joy

For many years we shared the same roof and the same parents, in the winter times you took care of the strong winds and storms that sometimes beat, mercilessly our house. Between laughter and tears we learned to be adults, and our paths gradually separated; Now we meet each summer, to give a birthday together for today. A very Happy Day for the best sister in the world!

For having taught me to share, to have been my playmate, for having corrected me when I made mistakes, for opening the way to help me with homework, for teaching me a lot of things, today I want to tell you happy birthday, have a wonderful day and that you enjoy it dear dear older sister

The sisters are like the rainbow. They fill our lives with 7 very interesting nuances: joy, laughter, fury, jealousy, dreams, surprises and company. You, dear sister, are the rainbow that gives color to my life. I wish you have a very happy birthday

Now that I have grown up, I understand that you always treated me with love and affection; and that’s why I deeply regret every time I disappointed you with my behavior. I love you my sister! and I promise to always treat you with support, respect and love. I wish you have such a happy birthday that you always remember it

You are my best friend, my support and my lucky star. You have always shaken my hand when I needed it. There are no words to thank you for the valuable moments we share. On this special day, I wish you have a wonderful birthday and a great life ahead of you. I hope you are always happy. I love you, my sweet sister

Thank you for being there when I feel lonely, when I need ideas, when I need to get out of my dark side, when my family pushed me aside thanks for being my big sister I love you

We were in the same womb, first you and then, years later, me. Our little years went flying, and today our roads, interests and friends have almost nothing in common. We were always different, but we were always more than sisters, friends. And today it’s your birthday, I toast for the beautiful friendship that we have forged every day. Happy Birthday Dear Little Sister !!!

You are my companion, my friend, my protector and my confidant. When I needed you, you have been there and if you need me, you know that I am for you. Our journey has been full of good times, and also of difficulties that we have overcome together, between fights and reconciliations we have discovered that best friends we will not find in life or beyond their privileges. Happy birthday, sister!

You are the oldest of all my friends and also the most mature. Thank you for being sympathetic to me, little sister. No matter how horrible our fights have been, the truth is that I always loved you and I will always love you. Happy Birthday!!!

I am not afraid of making mistakes because I know you will be close to correct me. That’s why I hope to make mistakes all my life, so that you are always close to me. I wish that this is the happiest of your birthdays, My sister!

There is nothing more comforting in the world than knowing that you have a sister who loves you and appreciates so much that you can call her in the middle of the night and just tell her your problems and concerns. Thanks for listening to me, sister. I wish you have a wonderful day !!!

Happy birthday sister

We have shared our way in life for many years; we have exchanged dreams, boyfriends and, sometimes, some jealousy; we have been accomplices in the mischief and only we know that secret place. Our memory, dear sister of mine, is full of good memories and, although today life keeps us a little far, a call is enough to go back to those times. Happy day!

Happy Birthday to you! May this new year that God has given you be full of countless joys and may I have the happiness of being by your side to always see you happy. I love you, sister, and I wish you the best of the world.

Sister, it is your anniversary day and I am very happy to accompany you, because you know that nothing makes me happier than having you with me, especially on special dates like this. The only thing I want is that we can celebrate together this and all your birthdays, to continue adding unforgettable moments in family. Congratulations!

Only yesterday we were children who ran around the house and laughed without stopping. Today, we are two adults with separate lives, but we remain united by the heart. Happy Birthday Sister! Whatever happens, you will always have a special place in my life: the place I have reserved for the best older sister.

What a happiness to be able to share with you this memorable date: the day of your birthday! I hope that this day is magical, and that nothing and nobody can erase the smile of that incredible person that I have the fortune to call “sister”. Congratulations, big sister!

So many moments we have built together and I can only say: thank you! Thank you for taking care of me, for loving me and for supporting me in every step I have taken. May God multiply everything you have done for me and allow you to enjoy many more years of life. Happy Birthday Sister!

We are great brothers, I am filled with nostalgia when remembering our games, time has passed without realizing it, but I know that being by your side I am stronger, thanks for all your love. Happy birthday, big sister!

This special day I hope you spend with our adorable family, we want to fill you with many, many kisses and sincere hugs. Happy birthday dear sister !.

Sister I have always appreciated all the support and affection you have given me during so many shared years, I hope you have a very happy birthday, may God bless you today, tomorrow and always. Happy Birthday!

Today we will celebrate another year of your life, I hope it will be remembered as a great and wonderful day, that you will be able to fully enjoy it and keep it always in your heart as well as we will keep it all of us who love you. Happy Birthday!.

I pray to God our Lord, to fill your life of peace, wisdom, happiness and achieve to continue on the path of true love and friendship. Happy Birthday Sister!.

I offer many blessings and thanks to Jesus Christ Our Lord, for allowing me to be part of this beautiful family, because you are the best sister in the world, God bless you sister, Happy birthday!

Happy birthday sister

Today is an especially wonderful day, we are not close, but that is no obstacle to wish you all the good that God has destined for you, we wish you spend a beautiful birthday, sister.

Good morning sister! Do you know what is celebrated today? It is very easy to guess, someone who has guided me in life, who has been practically the backbone of our home, my unconditional friend, my beloved sister, I am so happy today, I thank God very much because we have you between We want you to enjoy this day, love, keep us together, I love you so much sister, Happy birthday!

How are you sister? I hope you find yourself very well, and that you have a splendid birthday, I send you through these heartfelt lines, all my brotherly love, even though we are far away, there is no ocean that changes or modifies all the feelings that unite us, it is for this reason that you will absolutely always be present in my mind and always tattooed in my heart. Happy birthday, sister, may God fill you with blessings!

Happy birthday, sister, this and every day I wish that they are unforgettable, that you enjoy them fully with a lot of happiness, harmony, peace and love, that you enjoy the maximum happiness that you can have.

Happy Birthday Sister! I hope that for the rest of our lives we will continue together because we have been excellent traveling companions in this life and best friends, without your support, I do not know what would have happened to me, allow the Lord Jesus Christ to have a full and very long existence, always with great health, love, peace and happiness.

I thank God for allowing me to be part of your life, for letting me discover that in that look is the end of the rainbow, because when you smile the sun is brighter, because you fill us with that immeasurable goodness, because your hugs are infinite and very warm and your words comforting, I wish you a happy birthday sister!

You ask me what I am thinking and I answer that nothing, then you ask me what I do and I also answer that nothing, I am only organizing and planning, everything related to the celebration of the most important day of your life and that of all those who we want, those who mourn at your side, those we share daily with you and we rejoice with your joys or we grieve with your sorrows, but this day is of happiness, peace and love, may God bless you always and give you many years of life next to us. Happy Birthday Sister!.

Sister, you are my favorite person in the world. How nice that you are fulfilling one more year of life and thus be able to enjoy yourself for another year. I ask God and all the saints to watch your path so you never get sidetracked by the paths that can make you lose yourself. Little sister, today is a special day for me, because we will celebrate one more year of having your beautiful and radiant presence at our side. Happy Birthday sister, I love you.

Happy birthday, beloved sister of my heart! I remember that I felt very jealous the day you were born, but all that overshadowed how wonderful you are, my beautiful sister. I wish that this day is of great joy and that all your wishes are fulfilled step by step with the passage of time. A lot of health, a lot of wisdom and a lot of love for you from the ones you love the most.

Our parents did the greatest work of art in giving birth to you. Today is the anniversary of that wonderful event. Love you sister.

Happy Birthday Quotes For Sister!

Happy birthday sister: I wish you an ocean full of fun and joy!

Sisters are precious and you are the most precious thing for me. Happy Birthday little sister!

You are my adorable, loving sister. Thanks to you I always find the courage to be happy every day in my life. Happy birthday!

All the wealth of the world is nothing compared to the good fortune of having a sister like you. Happy Birthday Sister!

Sister, you’ve always been a second mother to me. On this very special day I wish to God all your dreams and wishes come true. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to my wonderful sister, I’m so happy to have you in my life. God bless you.

Sister, for me you are my family, for me you are my friendship, for me you are my everything. Happy Birthday!

The day you were born was one of the best days of my life. Happy birthday, sister happy birthday!

You are the most special and wonderful person in my life. Thank you for all the times you took care of me: happy birthday sister!

You’re there to make me laugh, you’re there to make me smile, you’re there to make my life easier, you’re there to understand always . Happy Birthday Sister!

Every year I celebrate your birthday and I thank God for giving us you: happy birthday sister!

My sister … In you I found all the possible love, comfort and support . Thanks to you I found the courage and the strength to move forward. You are my point of reference, the anchor of my life.

The one with a sister may seem the most competitive of relationships, but once they grow up, it becomes the strongest of all.

There is no one in the world who knows me more than you know me. I love you my sister.

Happy birthday sister

You are my sister, the perfect half of my heart. Happy birthday, sister !

There is no one who knows how to be a friend more than a sister, both during the storm, and in good weather – dedicate to my sister –

You are my little star and I am always proud of you. With you, I’m protective, but I never want to limit your independence. I know you can take care of yourself, you’re becoming an incredible woman. Happy birthday, little sister !

A sister is someone who loves you from the bottom of the heart. It does not matter how much you can fight, you’ll never be able to separate. Having a sister is a joy that can not be renounced. Once you enter your life, it will remain there forever.

You’ve always been by my side. Together we grew up, we shared joys and sorrows, we supported each other at all times. Now we have grown and changed, but one thing is certain: the good that I want you will always remain the same.

A sister is the mirror to look at you every day to understand who you really are.

In the journey of life, it is nice to have someone to hold hands and I chose you, my sister!

God gives us a sister because he does not want us to walk alone in this life.

There is no friend better than a sister. And there’s no better sister than you! Greetings, little sister!

You are my little sister, my best friend, my soul mate, my model and the best part of me. I love you so much!

Sister and friend: two words, for a single meaning. Happy birthday, sister!

As a child you were my playmate; in adolescence you were my confidant; now you’re my best friend.

Happy Birthday Wishes For Little Sister!

Thank you for being there for me over the years. Happy birthday, dear little sister

Life has its golden moments and a beautiful sister you make them unforgettable. Thank you for all those movements, dear little sister. Congratulations

God wanted to give me a gift and for this reason you were born to bring joy into my life.

I hope that I can be your exemplary guide in this chaotic world. Always be yourself, I will always be ready to support you and advise you as often as you need. Happy birthday, little sister!

We are sisters. You are my family and I am yours. There is nothing to fear or hide from me. I love your little sister! Congratulations

When you arrived in my life, so small and defenseless, I vowed to protect you and take care of you. But usually it was you who gave me courage, grabbed my hand and always stood beside me. Thanks for everything. Congratulations!

I was afraid that you would take my mother and father’s attention away from me, but actually the only thing you brought me when you were born was joy and happiness. Happy Birthday

A sister is a small piece of childhood that can never be lost. And you made my childhood the best of all. TQM little sister

Happy Birthday Wishes For Eldest Sister!

They always say that you’re the luckiest person in the world if you have a sister. I agree. Sisters make life sweeter and are your best friend for life. Happy birthday.

I am very grateful that I have a sister who always supports me and loves me very much. Today is your birthday, congratulations on you and may the Lord always bless you.

You have taught me many valuable lessons in my life. It is really a great blessing to have an older sister who is always on my side to give me her unconditional support

When I felt alone, you were always there for me, to accompany me, to make me laugh and to show me that you were an angel who sent God to take care of me. Congratulations, older sister, I love you so much

Sister, I want to be the very first person to wish you a happy birthday because you’re the first person who made a permanent home in my heart. Happy birthday!

Have a nice day, dear sister, that all your dreams come true and that we stay together as always, because I want to continue to count on your beautiful presence in my life. Congratulations!

You are the pearl of our eyes, the star of our lives, the hope of our future and the rest of our soul. You, my dear sister, are the pearl of the family. We love you and wish for a beautiful birthday !!!

Thank you for always being there when I need you, because you listen to me with patience, for sharing your time, your space, for advising me, for never ignoring me, not just because you’re my big sister are Congratulations!

You gave, you shared and you took away many things. You have made me laugh, cry and fight, but you never stopped caring for me or worrying about me. I will always love you, dear sister. I hope that God blesses you by giving you everything you want. A great unforgettable day!

It is obvious that you cannot stop having your birthdays and more precisely you can’t stop being my lovely sister. Both these things are really good. Wishing you a Happy Birthday.

You are the reason for whom my childhood days were so colorful and I had so much fun. Thank you for all those wonderful memories. Happy Birthday, sis.

People come and go, friends change like the weather changes, but I know my sister will be there forever. I love you!

Superheroes are one in a million. Great sisters like you are one in a lifetime. Happy Birthday!

Good looks run in our family. I am glad to have such an amazing and beautiful big sister like you. Happy Birthday sister.

For you, my sister, you have always been by my side. you who helped me and supported me. To you who was always my example and my guide. I could not have a better sister than you.

Happy Birthday Images and Greeting for sister

Happy birthday wishes for sister
Happy birthday wishes for sister
Happy birthday wishes for sister
Happy birthday wishes for sister
Happy birthday wishes for sister
Happy birthday wishes for sister
Happy birthday wishes for sister
Happy birthday wishes for sister
Happy birthday wishes for sister
Happy birthday wishes for sister
Happy birthday wishes for sister
Happy birthday wishes for sister
Happy birthday wishes for sister
Happy birthday wishes for sister
Happy birthday wishes for sister
Happy birthday wishes for sister
Happy birthday wishes for sister
Happy birthday wishes for sister
Happy birthday wishes for sister

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