Happy Birthday Wishes, Messages For a Wife

Is your wife’s birthday soon and you don’t know how to wish her a happy birthday?  Below I have collected the best birthday wishes for a wife to devote to her soul.

As a husband, what can you do to make your dearest wife’s birthday truly special and memorable if you don’t give her romantic and corny wishes?  Women love to receive affection, especially on a special day like their birthday. After spending a few years of your married life with your sweetheart, it is essential to express your gratitude, show your love and make her feel special on her most important occasions.

On her birthday it is important to give her a gift to surprise her with but, to make her really happy, you will also have to find special wishes and messages to write and put inside a greeting card, when you give her the gift.

Try to make her feel special: you can give her anything suitable for the occasion, such as a bouquet of red roses, a cake, personal care items, a perfume, clothes, a bag, a surprise birthday party, a dinner or even a holiday … There is no limit! You can also leave birthday wishes or messages that can be romantic, funny or emotional. They must be sincere and highlight its merits.

Here are some birthday wishes to inspire you or use as they are for your wife’s birthday, with or without a gift. I assure you that she will be very happy with the thought and you will make her day special.

Happy Birthday Wishes Messages For Wife

I thought God’s biggest gift to me was my life until you arrived. I really love you my wife. Happy birthday.

The best part of my day is knowing that I will be with you. You are an extremely wonderful wife and I hope you have a birthday as spectacular as you are. Happy Birthday!

It’s not easy to put all my wishes in line on your birthday. I hope that you always know that my love is true for you. Happy birthday my lovely wife

Happy Birthday – it’s your day to fulfill your dreams. Let love and happiness fill your life.

You are giving my life an objective that helps me to overcome all the bad moments and fears. I’m so fortunate to have such a wife as you. Happy birthday, darling!

This cake, I bought because it’s so beautiful and sweet as you. My lovely wife, Happy birthday.

Sometimes someone enters your life, turning it – in a good manner – upside down, and you’re somebody for me! You’re all my and I wish you a happy birthday.

I hope that this year will give my beloved wife as much joy and happiness as she has been bringing to my life, and that she will continue to bring. Happy birthday wife!

Some people read books and stories to find out what love means. I just need to look in your eyes. My beloved wife, happy birthday.

Sweetheart, I feel so happy to have such a lovely and helpful partner in life like you! On your birthday, I would like you to be genuinely happy.

A wonderful wife, mommy and housewife deserves a lovely cake, great presents and much more. I hope that you love what the children and I have for you tonight. Happy Birthday!

It’s another birthday for you and another year of being together. Thank you for supporting me and have a very happy birthday.

Today you may be one year older, but you’re more sexy than ever! Happy birthday!

My lovely wife, your birthday is coming and going, but my heart is never going to let you go. Happy birthday!

We spend another year together in order to fulfill my biggest dream: my love growing older with you. Happy birthday!

I found a friend for life, more than a wife in you. Happy Birthday!

My lovely wife, you are the first woman in my life. I hope that you enjoy your birthday with full of joy and fun happy birthday!

You’re never going to stop giving our children and me your best. Let’s give you our best on your birthday! My sweet wife’s happy birthday!

Nobody’s ever done so much for me, nothing in this life compares to you. You are a real inspiration and a pleasure to be around. Happy birthday! beautiful birthday!

Happy birthday, my love! thousand words can not express your shining beauty ; thousand words can not express what is in my heart. A thousand words can not express my love for you. happy birthday! Darling

Happy birthday to my most amazing, friendly, beautiful and outrageously funny soul mate.

May your special day’s memories last forever, just as my love for you never ends. I am Blessed to have a wife like you happy birthday birthday!

I did not know what to get for you on your birthday, since I thought that diamonds would be too cheap and will be gold too common compared to a jewel like you. Happy birthday! my Love

Good time is great, bad times are enduring with a beautiful, trustworthy and intelligent partner like you. Happy birthday! my Love

When we got married, I surrendered my heart to you. Today, I want to surrender my soul to you. Happy birthday my Love

Sometimes I wonder who would have tackled all the mess I doallthe time if you weren’t there. Happy birthday! Beautiful wife

I promise I’ll do more, baby. To make you the happiest woman on earth, I will do my best. Happy birthday!.

God loves me so much that‘s why He has blessed me with His most outstanding creation – that is you my lovely wife. I’ll show God forever gratitude to bring us together. Happy birthday!

After I met you, I realized that love is the greatest emotion that a man can express. There’s nothing above, that feeling. And I love you to the moon Happy birthday!

You’re the only reason I breathe, your the best thing ever happened to me. I love you so much. Happy Birthday!

Before your arrival, life was always hard for me. your lucky steps brought joy and happiness for me happy birthday! darling

As you did right from the beginning, you always have my heart. My gorgeous wife’s happy birthday!

I know that you’ve got a lot to do, so I’ll take them away from your hands and make them out for you. happy birthday my dear wife

Happy Birthday – It’s your day to fulfill your dreams. May your life be full of love and good fortune.

We change as we grow old together. But one thing will remain the same, our love, the glue that keeps us together. Happy birthday! wife

Thank you not enough to express our thankfulness for what you do for us. On my lives there’s no gift like you! I love you to the most my lovely wife happy birthday birthday!,

My aim is to keep a smile on your face and I’m going to do everything I can to make your day more bright. Happy birthday! My pretty wife

I love you, and really hope that with many years to come you will be blessed on this earth by my side happy birthday

You give my life an aim which helps me to overcome all the worries and bad moments. I’m so fortunate to have you as a wife. Happy birthday! Dear

Someone gets to see someone once in a lifetime, but I was fortunate enough to marry that special someone! I hope you’ve got a lovely birthday. Happy birthday dear.

My wife, you’ve made my life colorful, you have made my world glow and made me a better individual. Thanks for entering in my life.

May the years in your favor and the days always be kind to my lovely wife. Happy birthday!

Without you I don’t know what I’d do in my life. I couldn’t live without you my wife. You’re The only reason I am alive. Happy birthday wishes for you my wife.

On the tough road of life, I am so glad to have you by my side! Happy birthday my lovely wife!

A slow and continuous amount of little treatments is a secret of a happy life. Happy Birthday! My wife.

Now, it’s all about you, and I would like to make you feel like that happiest woman alive. Happy birthday my lovely wife.

You may not understand that, but at least from my point of view, you are the greatest women in the world! Happy birthday!.

You are the woman of my dreams, who understands the meaning of true love. I’m so glad you become my wife. Happy birthday my love.

Happy birthday to my household chief executive officer, I am so thankful that you’re my wife. You are One in a Million. Have a great day.

I want nothing but to spend the next 100 birthdays with you. We might have to pull out a “notebook” if this is not possible because I can’t live a day without you. My dear better half, happy birthday.

When you open up your birthday presents and smile at me, I feel happy because you are my most sweetest gift. Happy birthday! Wife.

I don’t mind to die for you. Just don’t ask me to prove it. I just am not ready to die yet, sweet – pea. Happy birthday, I love you!

If you ever ask me what I love most about you, it’s the fact that after an incredible date I never have to put you off at home because the two of us have a home and a lovely life together. On your birthday, I only wanted to wish you the best. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday, my dear wife, it’s a golden message for a caring wife from an affectionate husband.

I thought I supposed to present something exclusive to you. Then I realized that you are exclusive yourself.

Everyone seems to know that you’ve become older a year, except me. In my eyes, you are just like you when I first met you – astonishing and beautiful. Happy, happy birthday.

You’re like my life’s dictionary because you add a new meaning every day. Happy birthday wishes for my beautiful wife.

Beautiful, thank you for believing in me all this time, for listening and supporting me. You are the person I love most in this world. Happy Birthday!

Seeing you every morning when you wake up is the greatest blessing that God has given me. Thank you for being the wonderful woman you are. I love you and I hope you have a birthday full of joys and laughter

God rewarded me with the greatest thing in this world: the most wonderful woman in the world as a wife. What a joy to be able to live with you, have children with you and plan future projects as a couple and family. Happy Birthday!

An amazing and wonderful wife like you deserves a birthday full of laughs and joys. I organized a small meeting with your family and friends that I know you will love, plus, bring your favorite cake. Happy Birthday!

Today is one of the most awaited days because it’s your birthday! I have days organizing a beautiful celebration that I know you will enjoy very much, because you, my dear, deserve the best in this world. Happy Birthday!

Another year is gone, but the love I feel for you continues to increase. You are a very special and attentive wife, that is why I hope with all my heart that this special day is full of joys, laughter, and celebrations for you. Happy Birthday.

It is a pity that my work has prevented me from spending this special day with you, but I promise that once I return, I will reward you for it. I love you very much to enjoy this day. Happy Birthday

Our love is extremely pure, deep and lasting. It’s the kind of love that many want, but they think it’s just a movie myth. What a joy that our marriage is so beautiful. Happy Birthday

Still, have not created words or songs that get to express all this cluster of beautiful feelings that I feel for you. Happy Birthday.

An amazing and wonderful wife like you deserves a birthday full of laughs and joys. I organized a small meeting with your family and friends that I know you will love, plus, bring your favorite cake. Happy Birthday!

Today is the birthday of the most wonderful mother, wife, and woman in the world. What a joy it is to share every day of my life with you, loving you very much. Happy Birthday

After reading these beautiful birthday wishes for a wife, you may have been inspired or based on what you will write to her on this beautiful day.

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